In(dependent) by The Untrained Edit resident artists

December 1-24, 2022

Opening reception on Friday, December 2nd; 5p-8p

(In)formal Discussion on Wednesday, December 7th; 6p-7p

All artworks are for sale — see the online gallery to purchase through the Bells Gallery website.

In(dependent) is a collection of artworks by Carolyn Cowper, Rosilyn Holladay, Erin Merrill, Caleigh Parsons, Laura Rice, and Lindsay Roth.

This exhibition urges the viewer to question what is communal. There is a common thread between us all. To recognize our commonality and open ourselves to this connectedness is a choice. And, while we may consider ourselves individuals, is it truly possible to be autonomous or self-sufficient?

Others help shape us as individuals. Someone brings the beautiful parts of ourselves to the surface, while another motivates us to work harder, drawing out the grit beneath. Our environment and shared culture nurture us, as we are never absolutely independent of one another. Through In(dependent), the artists ask who we are because of each other. What do we share with our neighbors? Moreover, if we look closely, can we see the fiber that connects us all?


The Untrained Edit is a collective of women artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs. TUE strives to build community, support local artists, and create art experiences in the Wiregrass. The TUE collective works to raise awareness around the artistic talent in our community while encouraging one another’s practice and bolstering more collaboration and opportunities for one another.

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