Monthly Exhibits


September 1 – October 1, 2022

Ethan Sawyer is a multidisciplinary artist from Enterprise, Alabama. He presents this body of work combining his skills in painting, photography, and woodworking.

Give it Time is an interpretation of the silent, humorous, and persistent momentum of time. Often through the lens of our present, the past validates our decisions. Ethan explores the ironic and intuitive nature of hindsight in this exhibition.


October 6 – 29, 2022

A la bamba (October 6-29, 2022) is a collection of works by artist Denise Treizman at Bells Gallery. Denise is a Chilean-Israeli multidisciplinary artist based in Miami, Florida. This exhibition is a playful and vibrant composite of works pulled from Denise’s past shows to reflect her short time in Alabama as she is temporarily living in Dothan.

Denise incorporates found objects and ready-made materials with brightly colored, textural, and sometimes luminescent weavings to form her unconventional art. She accumulates materials with no specific purpose or plan in mind except to have the goods available to subtly shape her boundary-breaking sculptures and installations. Denise works by her motto that nothing is permanent and everything transforms.

Bells Gallery will feature a site-specific fiber installation, weavings, works on paper, and sculptures in the exhibition A la bamba.

November 3 – 26, 2022

Gun Show by painter Olivia Tawzer will be on view from November 3-26, 2022. The exhibition is a commentary on displays of masculinity in the American South. The phrase “gun show” alludes to muscles and brute strength and conventions where firearms are sold. Through a grouping of narrative paintings, Olivia Tawzer, a Chattanooga native, depicts questionable situations with displays of ego, dominance, and peril.

To many southerners, guns are a symbol of American pride and freedom. Olivia connects the concept of gun culture to the construct of masculinity. Often strength and stoicism are valued at the expense of emotional well-being, creating a toxic environment for self and others. Creating shadows and light in her paintings is important, as she plays with phrases like “hiding in the shadows” or “finding the light” in the context of men disconnecting from their emotions or finding productive ways to channel them.

While Gun Show assembles a dense narrative encompassing a challenging and complicated topic, Olivia has illustrated colorful, almost comical displays of real-life situations she experienced. Her use of color, scale and painting style disarms the viewer. 

“Polarizing and complex topics, such as gender and politics, are often talked about in black and white terms with no consideration of the grey areas. When met with opposition to our beliefs, it can be easy to disregard differing opinions without trying to find any middle ground – the only place where productive conversation and human connection can occur. With this show, I aim to depict scenes that elicit an immediate judgment of those portrayed but allow for further contemplation upon deeper inspection.” – Olivia Tawzer